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Megapump got all the little extras you need whether you're smashing it at the gym or strutting it on the streets. Check out our selection of gym accessories online or in our Dundalk store now!

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  • 19,99 € In Stock

    Nozdom multi Strip Straps keeps your palms protected against cuts and calluses during training. Ideal for calisthenics, Crossfit, Freeletics, strength training and gymnastics.

    19,99 €
  • 6,99 € In Stock

    OPTIMUM NUTRITION shaker ✓ BPA FREE ✓ 600ml-800ml size large capacity ✓ Which shaker ball for better mixing

    6,99 €
  • 4,99 € In Stock

    Block Magic Pure magnessium Hand Chalk Pure grade magnessium carbonate for gymnastic weight lifting athletics, rock climbing or any sport where dry gripping is essential.

    4,99 €
  • 2,99 € In Stock

    Quickly and easily prepares delicious mixes, shakes, drinks and more! Just add protein powder and milk, water or fruit juice to the shaker bottle, and shake!

    2,99 €
  • 14,99 € In Stock

    Trec Gym Gloves ✓ Made of natural leather ✓ Protects against calluses and abrasions ✓ Fits hands perfectly ✓ Secure grip during training ✓ High comfort of use ✓ Better hand ventilation ✓ Solid design

    14,99 €
  • 11,99 € In Stock

    Efficient warming bandage to accelerate recovery and prevent knee injuries. ZAHOPRENE and a net on the knee flexure allow for longer use without excessive sweating under the bandage. Anatomical shape allows comfortable movement without limitation of movement. Ideal for all types of sport as well as everyday use, suitable both for men and women.

    11,99 €
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    Special 150ml lower compartment to store the protein powder and tablets, equipped with a bayonet lock. ✓ Practical 300 ml shaker ✓ Popular wave design, leak-proof ✓ BPA-free and toxin-free plastic (made in the EU)

    5,99 €
  • 4,99 € In Stock

    Small and convenient to carry around, so you use it anywhere! Measures Within 1.1% Of Gold Standard Underwater Weighing Results! Doctors, personal trainers, and nutritionists recommend the periodic measurement of body fat for maintaining proper health status. Enjoy the ability to measure body fat easily by yourself, in the privacy of your own home,...

    4,99 €
  • 7,98 € In Stock

    MAMMOTH WATER JUG 2.2 litter for gym. Perfect addition to your desk or gym bag. Water jug for the easy and convenient way to keep properly hydrated not only during your workout.

    7,98 €
Showing 1 - 9 of 49 items