Pre-workout supplements

are more popular today than they ever were. That’s because they’re formulated with ingredients that work together to ramp up your energy and endurance, increase strength, crank up muscle growth, and burn off body fat.

The following pages break down the common pre-workout nutrients and list the industry’s top products:


Pre-workout supplements

are more popular today than they ever were. That’s because they’re formulated with ingredients that work together to ramp up your energy and endurance, increase strength, crank up muscle growth, and burn off body fat.

The following pages break down the common pre-workout nutrients and list the industry’s top products:

ARGININE is one of the most popular pre-workout ingredients because the body readily converts it to nitric oxide (NO).

BETA-ALANINE is an amino acid that combines with the amino acid histidine in muscle cells to form carnosine, which is critical for muscle strength.

BETAINE is a modified amino acid known as trimethylglycine. It’s effective for boosting muscle strength and power by as much as 25% and increasing the number of reps you can do by 10 percent.

BRANCHED-CHAIN AMINO ACIDS (BCAAs) include the three amino acids leucine, isoleucine, and valine. They’re important for driving muscle growth, increasing energy, and blunting fatigue.

CAFFEINE is a powerful stimulant that increases alertness by binding to receptors in the brain. This keeps nerve activity up and fatigue down.

CITRULLINE MALATE is a combo of the amino acid citrulline and malic acid. It increases energy levels by removing ammonia from the body—a process that delays fatigue and improves recovery.

CREATINE provides muscles with the quick energy they need during workouts. It also pulls more water into the muscles for a greater pump, which turns on processes that lead to greater long-term muscle growth.

GLYCEROL is the backbone of triglycerides—the primary fats in our diet. It also has strong osmotic properties, attracting and binding large amounts of fluids like water for greater pump.

TAURINE is an amino acid that helps to increase muscle endurance and strength. It can increase blood flow to muscles by enhancing NO production. Taurine also draws water into your muscles for a bigger pump.

TYROSINE is an amino acid that boosts energy, mood, and mental focus by producing hormones and neurotransmitters that boost your intensity during workouts.

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  • Creatine monohydrate

    Creatine monohydrate is a compound that is involved in the production of energy in the body in the form of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). Made in the liver, approximately 95% of the body’s creatine ends up being stored in skeletal muscles and the remaining 5% is found in the brain, heart and testes. Creatine is found in small amounts in red meat and fish. However much will be destroyed during cooking. 
    To use creatine monohydrate as a performance enhancer supplementation is a necessity.

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  • SHADOW-X is a full powered pre-workout designed for hardcore users only. Just 1 scoop of SHADOW-X will put you in a workout zone unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. Mind lock mental focus, intense muscle pumps and savage training. UNLOCK THE TRUE POWER WITHIN. SHADOW-X will take you further than you’ve ever been before. No Creatine!Mind...

    26,95 €
  • The differenceThe pump - It is the holy grail of bodybuilding... what we all are searching for when we walk through the gym door. Think about the biggest pump you've ever had in the gym. You know, the one that creates new stretch marks and makes it hard to turn the steering wheel when you leave (good luck if you have a stick shift). What if you could...

    14,99 €
  • TNT Nuclear Shots are a high intensity pre-training formula that is designed to give the user exactly what is needed before intense training sessions… ...Muscle Power, and high energy. TNT Nuclear Shots come in Orange and Kiwi Lime flavours made with caffeine, amino acids and vitamins.

    2,49 €
  • Carbonated Energy Drink with CaffeineGinseng and B VitaminsContains sugars and sweeteners Zero calorie and sugarThis product is GMO freeThis product is gluten freeThis product is allergen freeThis product is suitable for vegetarians/vegans

    1,19 €
  • ORIGINAL RECIPE IS BACK!!! Explosive energy, heightened focus and an overwhelming urge to tackle any challenge...that’s the C4 experience. Millions of people­—ranging from beginners all the way up to the elite competitors, have relied on C4 pre-workout to help them turn their ambitions into achievements.

    29,95 €
  • Supernova Blend:1,717 mg beta-alanine2,020 mg L-citrulline malate1,717 mg L-arginine HCl1,145 mg taurine572 mg L-arginine AKG10 mg niacin790 mcg vitamin B65.72 mg zinc1,000 mg Pre-workout Creatine matrix (CreaBASE buffered creatine, creatine citrate, creatine piruvate, micronised creatine monohydrate)200 mg caffeine

    16,95 €
  • BAD ASS NUTRITION PREWORKOUT 500g - 50 servings expiry 28/02/2018 PREPARATION IS THE KEY - WITH BAD ASS® PRE YOU WILL GO INTO OVERDRIVE, STEPPING UP TO THE PLATE MORE THAN YOU CAN THINK OF. Stimulates muscles and nervous system to work at their full capacityEnsures incredible muscle pumpImproves the buffering capacitySupports concentration

    19,99 € 29,99 €
  • Train without limitsInspired by a pre-workout legend. Equipped with a 100% transparent label. Armed with only necessary ingredients. A new era in performance starts now. Introducing BSN’s most advanced pre-workout formula—a potent combination of tried and true ingredients to help deliver our most powerful training experience ever. 

    29,99 €
  • One of the most popular and potent Creatine products on the market is finally here: MuscleTech Creatine ATP SX-7, a supplement formulated with the powerful ingredients, like elevATP™ formula, tri-creatine citrate, creatine HCl, and creatine peptide. These ingredients optimize muscle building, enhance strength, and improve overall athletic performance.

    11,99 €
  • Advanced taste. Advanced feel. Advanced performance.High energy pre-exercise augmentation system.Exclusive “Nitrate Blast” formula.Advanced taste You’re no stranger to the weight room and you’ve surely tried your fair share of pre-workout products. You might not even care what the product tastes like, as long as it works.

    32,95 €
  • Creatine Monohydrate acts as a powerful ergonomic aid playing an essential role in the energizing of muscle tissue and enhancing athletic performance Creatine may help increase muscle torque, improve endurance capacity, delay fatigue and help spare muscle fibers for increased strength gains

    6,99 €
  • LevroCrea is an advanced formula especially recommended for athletes and people who are physically active or in periods of increased physical activity. Every portion provides the body with 6 g in 4 different forms of creatine: creatine hydrochloride, tricreatine malate and creatine monohydrate. Various forms of supplementation allow to provide the body...

    14,99 € 19,99 €
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