What is a Mass Gainer?

Mass gainers are high-calorie supplements that contain various levels of protein, fat, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and various other supplements. The amount of protein in a Mass Gainer may be less than that of Whey Protein but the level of carbohydrates and fats is certainly on a higher side. This high...

What is a Mass Gainer?

Mass gainers are high-calorie supplements that contain various levels of protein, fat, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and various other supplements. The amount of protein in a Mass Gainer may be less than that of Whey Protein but the level of carbohydrates and fats is certainly on a higher side. This high carb amount is necessary to boost the calorie intake. There are various types of Mass Gainers available in the market today with different amounts of caloric supply. Try going for a Mass Gainer that has less sugar and more complex carbs in each serving.

Mass Gainer for Muscle Growth

Why to use Mass Gainer Supplements?

A single serving of a Mass Gainer can provide anywhere from 350 calories to greater than 1200 calories. The amount of protein may also vary from as low as 15 grams to as high as 65 grams or even more. So, though a Mass Gainer may act as a source of protein, but it should be taken by people who are hard gainers. They are the ones who do not gain weight as easily as an average person would after eating a sumptuously balanced diet. So, in combination with the everyday food intake, skinny or thin people can opt for Mass Gainers if they want to build a significant amount of muscle mass. So, the high amount of calories one will get from a Mass Gainer will help that person bulk-up. A Mass Gainer can be taken blended with water or milk before or after a workout as required or directed by a health expert.

What are Mass Gainer Benefits?

1. Rich In Carbohydrates

Mass Gainers contain a rich amount of carbohydrates. These carbohydrates supply you with the required energy that is very helpful for an intense workout.

2. Contains High-Quality Whey Protein

Mass Gainers contain high quality of Whey Protein, which is an amazing supplement for bodybuilding. Some Mass Gainers also come with dietary fat. This dietary fat can help you achieve a lean physique.

MuscleBlaze Mass Gainer XXL: Supplies 60. 7g Proteins and 177.8g Complex carbs in 1:3 ratio in a day to fuel rigorous workouts
3. Aids In Muscle Recovery & Growth

Mass Gainers aid in muscle recovery and growth. This is very helpful when you are following a regular bodybuilding regime because you need to achieve desired results which requires good muscle recovery process to stay focused and regular with your workout.

4. Blend Of Minerals & Vitamins

Mass Gainers keep you healthy and fit. They are a good mix of different minerals and vitamins that are an important nourishment source for your body to stay healthy and fit.

5. Rich In Fiber

Mass Gainers contain fiber. This keeps you away from being bloated and improves digestion. It is a great way to achieve overall health and fitness.

Working Out Is Very Important

Caution: Building bulk and gaining necessary mass is good. But gaining unnecessary fat isn’t. Please ensure to follow a good workout regime, or else taking a Mass Gainer would be a waste of time and money. Without workout, you would just gain weight and fat. And this unburnt fat can make you overweight with time.

Also, gainer plays just half the role in your weight gain. So, you need to take a good diet and have a good exercise pattern for a healthy and constant weight gain. Eat something every 2-3 hours.

So, use a Mass Gainer to gain good muscle mass, eat a proper diet and keep working out to shed any unnecessary fat. For any further questions or queries on Mass Gainers, please drop a comment below or ask our expert in the Q&A section.


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    Carbohydrates are fuel for the human body

    The body can only store a limited amount of carbohydrates in the muscles and liver as glycogen to be used for energy. There are two different types of carbohydrates, simple carbohydrates and complex carbohydrates. Simple carbohydrates go straight into the bloodstream, complex carbohydrates need to be broken down into simple carbohydrates before entering the bloodstream.

    Megapump Ireland offers wide range of Carb supplement powders, unique composition based on the most effective carbohydrate sources.

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  • High-Protein Carbohydrate Drink Powder With A Complex Formula Of 5 Carbohydrates And 11 Proteins, Without Added Sugar, To Satisfy The Extra Need For Calories! 48 g PentaCarb Matrix (from 5 carbohydrates)12 g Protein Mega Matrix (from 11 proteins)1.9 g MCT (from 2 fats)0.75 g fibreGluten and aspartame free

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  • High calorie mass gainer50g protein per servingUp to 193g of carbohydrates per servingZinc, magnesium, MCT oil and creatineCarbs from oats, waxy maize and maltodextrinLess than 6g sugar per 300g serving What is PhD Advanced Mass? PhD Advanced Mass is our most extreme mass gainer supplement.

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    WEIDER GIANT MEGA MASS 4000 WEIGHT GAINER - 3000g Weider Mega Mass is the high calorie sensation that can help even the hardest of hard gainers pack on size faster than ever. When made as directed, each muscle gorging shake contains a whopping 800+ calories which can help everyone from the novice’s to the pro’s get the absolute most out of their...

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  • KEVIN LEVRONE LEGENDARY MASS WEIGHT GAINER 6800g It supplements the diet in high quality building blocks for muscle building, Provides the highest quality carbohydrates and proteins, Helps increase muscle strength, Accelerates post-recovery regeneration.

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  • Serious Mass: the ultimate in weight gain supplement formulas. Serious Mass supplies you with the tools you need to pack on the pounds and develop the physique you've always wanted. Each serving of Serious Mass contains 1250 calories primarily from protein sparing complex carbohydrates and a high quality protein blend consisting of Whey Protein...

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  • Mass Freak is created specifially for bodybuilders, athletes and hardgainers who are looking to quickly pack on pounds of lean rock-hard mass! Mass Freak's comprehensive formula provides your body with the precise combination of calories and nutrients it needs to stimulate new muscle growth fast.

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  • SCITEC NUTRITION 100% BEEF MUSCLE 3180g GAINER The Beef Gainer Muscle gainer formula – with legendary bodybuilding protein source 100% of protein content comes from hydrolyzed beef isolate peptides With a mix of different types of carbohydrates Fortified with extra L-Leucine No milk derivatives, no added Creatine Excellent, creamy flavors

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  • Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Gainer 1.62kg Delivering 760 Calories With 55 Grams Of Protein, And The Perfect Balance Of Protein To Carbs GAIN THE GOLD STANDARD ADVANTAGE

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  • If you have been following Rich Piana for any time at all, you may have noticed he is passionate about athletes consuming real whole foods as part of their diets Not one time a day but many times a day. That is not always allowable in a lot of lives. Work and many other situations may not facilitate the ability to eat whole foods meals many times a day.

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    3 in 1 SUPPLEMENT (Gainer  + Creatine + Taurine)  Protein-carbohydrate concentrate mix-powder supplement, food intended to meet the expenditure of intense muscular effort, especially for sports people, just add water. Complex composition of compiled carbohydrates with differentiated glycemic index ratings and protein-mix with creatine monohydrate and...

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  • Mass is the top-of-the-shelf powder for protein carbohydrate drink that satisfy body needs after intensive workout. Mass is multicompound and complete diet supplement that provides your body with everything that is needed to ensure fast growth of muscle mass when combined with proper resistance training.

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