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Amazing deals on Sport performance supplements and Body-building products. Buy online pre-workout products, Creatine, or Carbohydrates for the best price in Ireland.
Megapump supplements shop is an Ireland based business offering only the best quality sports nutrition supplements and gym products, helping you achieve your goals.
We o...


Amazing deals on Sport performance supplements and Body-building products. Buy online pre-workout products, Creatine, or Carbohydrates for the best price in Ireland.
Megapump supplements shop is an Ireland based business offering only the best quality sports nutrition supplements and gym products, helping you achieve your goals.
We only deal with trusted brands to make sure we deliver 100% satisfaction to our customers!

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    What is a pre-workout?

    A pre-workout is a dietary supplement used to increase endurance and energy during workouts. You can get these supplements as drinks, bars, or more commonly as a powder. When it comes as a powder it’s easy to take - just mix it with water, drink, and go. Easy.

    No two pre-workouts are the same though. This isn’t just a marketing phrase, it’s actually true. These days there is no shortage of brands sporting their own form of pre-workout formula. Each one of these formulas usually contains a ‘proprietary blend’, which is often a mix decided upon by the company.

    Depending on who you purchase your supplements from you could be ingesting anything from caffeine-rich supplements to insulin-stimulators like deer antler velvet. Some pre-workouts are rich in carbohydrates while others have very few calories and carbs. It’s important to always read the labels and do as much research as you can.

    Why do people take pre-workout?

    Pre-workouts are great for giving people an extra boost of energy when working out. For example, after a long day at your job, you might not be too excited to get a workout in. By taking a pre-workout, you can fight off fatigue and accomplish your goals.

    A lot of pre-workouts contain a good deal of caffeine which people already take to get themselves awake in the morning.

    What are the benefits of using a pre-workout?

    Common pre-workout ingredients (like carbohydrates and caffeine) can increase your endurance and energy levels. This is the main attraction of pre-workouts for people whether they’re partaking in a zumba class, weightlifting, or a HIIT class.

    Better physical performance

    Some pre-workout formulas also contain protein, often in the form of creatine. Having enough protein in your diet contributes greatly towards better physical performances. Pre-workouts allow the user to achieve their physical best while in the gym or training.

    Fight fatigue

    Pre-workout supplements can also help the user fight off fatigue. As we mentioned earlier, they’re usually filled with caffeine which will clear the cobwebs away in no time. Imagine the scene, you’re after getting off of work or you’ve woken up early to get to the gym but you’re exhausted.

    By using a pre-workout a half hour before you exercise, you can use all of your time at the gym to the fullest.

    Protect your muscles

    By taking a protein-rich pre-workout you aid your muscles with amino acids. These are essential for building muscle mass. The presence of these also stops your muscles from breaking down for energy.

    Can a pre-workout be harmful?

    While entirely safe to use, pre-workouts can have some downsides you might need to be aware of. As we discuss below pre-workouts aren’t for everyone but they can be beneficial.

    Here are some potential downsides to taking pre-workouts.


    As we mentioned earlier, there can be a lot of caffeine in supplements, generally. For some people, this can be a real draw because they want to get something that gives them a kick. However, if you’re sensitive to caffeine or at risk of a heart condition you’d want to be careful.

    Taking excessive amounts of pre-workout rich in caffeine leave yourself open to a lot of health problems. Some are more serious than others but all are worth bearing in mind, like:

    • Increased blood pressure
    • Sleeplessness or restlessness
    • Anxiety
    • Stress
    • Irritability or agitation

    Sugar alcohols

    Many pre-workouts contain artificial sugar alcohols and sweeteners. These are commonly used to add to or enhance the flavour of the pre-workout. Not harmful on the surface, but they can result in a variety of unfavourable conditions.

    While sugar alcohols have long been seen as a decent alternative to regular sugar. Excessive intake of them may result in symptoms such as bloating, diarrhoea, and other painful intestinal conditions.


    We take pride in stocking only the best supplements anywhere on the market. All our products have a proven track record and a solid customer base. That said, the dietary supplement industry is not as well regulated as it should be.

    As we mentioned earlier, undeclared proprietary blends are a staple of pre-workout formulas. This could lead consumers to ingest substances or compounds they’re not aware of.

    Should I take a pre-workout supplement?

    It entirely depends on what your workout goals are and what you think you can accomplish. Basically, they’re not for everybody and you shouldn’t feel bad about taking them or not.

    Just because you might have difficulty completing your workouts or find yourself often fatigued supplements aren’t necessarily the answer.

    Here are some important factors that can enhance your workouts before supplements:

    • Adequate sleep (7 hours minimum)
    • Drinking enough water (roughly 3.7 litres for men / 2.7 litres for women)
    • Protein-rich and varied diet (including, vegetables and fruits)

    At the end of the day, pre-workouts are supplements. They need to be used in conjunction with a healthy, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. If you do decide to use a pre-workout make sure you check ingredients, read reviews, ask around and do your research.

  • Pre-workout Shots

    Ready to drink bottles Pre-training shots

    If you are looking for ready to drink liquid form of the product we recommend you try one of our pre-workout shots also called pre-training shots.

    Preworkout shot is a high intensity pre-training drink in a comfortable ampoule that is designed to give you exactly what is needed before intense training sessions… Muscle Power, and high energy.

    Ready to drink pre-workout energiser shots will provide a dose of stimulation and increase your training abilities. The powerful active ingredients were shut down in easy to serve liquid form.

    Get Your Pre-Workout Shot at Megapump supplements Ireland for the best prices on the market. We offer wide selection of pre-training shots where quality is guaranteed.

  • Creatine


    Creatine monohydrate is a compound that is involved in the production of energy in the body in the form of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). Made in the liver, approximately 95% of the body’s creatine ends up being stored in skeletal muscles and the remaining 5% is found in the brain, heart and testes. Creatine is found in small amounts in red meat and fish. However much will be destroyed during cooking. To use creatine monohydrate as a performance enhancer supplementation is a necessity.

    Creatine monohydrate improves your muscles performance during high intensity activities such as weight training, running, and any other aerobic or anaerobic exercise.


    Carbohydrates are fuel for the human body

    The body can only store a limited amount of carbohydrates in the muscles and liver as glycogen to be used for energy. There are two different types of carbohydrates, simple carbohydrates and complex carbohydrates. Simple carbohydrates go straight into the bloodstream, complex carbohydrates need to be broken down into simple carbohydrates before entering the bloodstream.

    Megapump Ireland offers a wide range of Carb supplement powders, a unique composition based on the most effective carbohydrate sources.


    What are testosterone boosters?

    Testosterone boosters, as the name suggests, increase the body’s natural testosterone levels. This helps with muscle growth, endurance, and can even increase weight loss.

    A lot of brands have their own highly concentrated testosterone booster formula. These increase testosterone levels in the most effective way possible. You can find the very best of these on our online store.

    Herbs such as ginseng and bindi are naturally occurring testosterone boosters. For a long time, these herbs and plants have been used medicinally around the world. You can find many or all of these ingredients in the top-rated testosterone boosters.

    What is testosterone?

    Testosterone is the main sex hormone commonly created in the male body. However, you might be also surprised to learn that testosterone is produced in very small quantities in a woman’s ovaries.

    Testosterone is also an anabolic steroid and plays a crucial role in a number of bodily functions including:

    • Development of male reproductive tissues (testes, prostrate)
    • Fat distribution
    • Sex drive
    • Growth of body hair
    • Muscle and bone mass

    It’s this last point that people looking for an effective testosterone booster for the gym are generally interested in. The ability to increase muscle mass is much sought after.

    What are the best testosterone boosters?

    At Megapump, we stock some of the best testosterone boosters you can find anywhere. But when you’re searching for the product that suits you it’s important to know what you’re looking for.

    As we mentioned earlier, there are many natural, testosterone boosters you can use. You can find these are actually used on the ingredients lists of many of the products we stock.

    When searching for the ideal product, always read ingredients as well as reviews.

    Here are some of the top ingredients to look out for.

    • D-Aspartic Acid
    • Zinc and Magnesium
    • Vitamin D
    • Fenugreek
    • Mucuna Pruriens
    • Tongkat Ali

    D-Aspartic Acid

    There’s actually two kinds of aspartic acid - L and D.

    Your body uses L-aspartic acid to build proteins. D-aspartic acid on the other hand creates and releases hormones that result in testosterone production. Perfect for our purposes!

    Some studies have shown that D-aspartic acid increases the testosterone levels of men who don’t produce enough by themselves.

    Zinc and Magnesium

    Always look out for the presence of zinc and magnesium in any potential testosterone booster product. They are probably the most commonly recommended resources when athletes are looking to boost their testosterone.

    Important to note, by taking zinc and magnesium you will always raise your testosterone to a normal level. Unlike some boosters, there is no danger of raising your testosterone to above average levels.

    Vitamin D

    You might be surprised to see Vitamin D on the list but its presence in testosterone boosters can be important. We’re told since we’re very young that vitamins are something we need more of for a good reason. This fat-soluble nutrient actually has a wide range of benefits. These include:

    • Improved cognition
    • Immune function
    • Bone health

    It’s also important for raising testosterone levels. In the same manner as zinc and magnesium (see above) those deficient in Vitamin D will find that by supplementing it their testosterone levels will elevate to a normal, functional level.


    You may never have heard of it but fenugreek has long been used as herbal medicine. In fact, for thousands of years, it was common enough to find this in Indian and Chinese medicines.

    Some people think it’s just a spice but it also has a unique nutritional profile containing:

    • Fiber
    • Protein
    • Carbs
    • Magnesium
    • Manganese

    It also has a real impact on the testosterone levels in the body along with potential decreases in body fat. Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) may reduce due to the use of fenugreek. DHT can lower the libido. So fenugreek may improve sexual function.

    Mucuna Pruriens

    Macuna Pruriens or ‘velvet bean’ is a type of legume native to Africa and tropical parts of Asia. It has long been used as a herbal remedy for male infertility as well as nervous disorders and as an aphrodisiac. In recent years we’ve also seen it used (referred to as L-DOPA) to treat Parkinson’s disease.

    L-DOPA is an amino acid that can increase dopamine levels in the brain. Mucuna pruriens is a natural source for high levels of L-DOPA. This contributes towards the hormonal production of testosterone.

    Tongkat Ali

    Another ingredient to be on the lookout for on the testosterone booster of your choice is tongkat ali. Tongkat ali has been used for a long time for various medicinal purposes. Also commonly known as ‘Malaysian ginseng’ it has been shown in clinical trials to:

    • Stimulate release of testosterone
    • Improve sex drive
    • Reduce fatigue
    • Improve well-being

    The danger of too much testosterone

    Even if you take the best testosterone booster there can be downsides you may not foresee. Especially if you take more than the recommended dosages, which we strongly advise against doing.

    For some people taking excessive amounts of testosterone boosters can upset the body’s natural balance. Depending on your age or sex a dramatic increase in testosterone can actually have negative impacts on your body.

    For men who create abnormal amounts of testosterone the result can be:

    • Decreased sex drive
    • Testes may shrink
    • Infertility
    • Breast development
    • Liver damage
    • Increased irritability

    For women who have too much testosterone in their system the result can be:

    • Acne
    • Infertility
    • Increased facial and bodily hair (hirsutism)
    • Balding
    • Deepening voice
    • Excessive muscle bulk

    Should I take testosterone boosters?

    Though it’s not the same as a regular protein powder or mass gainer, testosterone boosters can be beneficial for an athlete. Using one of these supplements may help to improve your body’s reaction to stress as well offering improved strength and a reduction in body fat.

    However, as we mentioned, there are dangers to increasing testosterone dramatically. If you do decide on a testosterone booster compliment it with a rigorous exercise routine as well as a balanced diet and regular, restful sleep.

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    Energy supplements & Energy boosters

    Range of products that boost your energy to improve physical and mental strength.

    Energy Drinks that deliver twice the buzz of regular energy drinks. Drinks are perfect to use as a morning or mid-day ‘pick me up’ or even as a pre-workout supplement.

    It’s a little known fact that pure CAFFEINE provides the effects that we expect from coffee. Caffeine in the form of a capsule is a guarantee of maximum concentration and potency, to which a cup of strong espresso can not even get close!

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